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The SEO pyramid, what is it ?

Following the example of Maslow's famous pyramid, the SEO pyramid, or SEO pyramid, what does it correspond to? It details all the parameters essential for optimal visibility on the Web. It is composed of five levels, hierarchical, to establish an effective SEO strategy that is as natural as possible. From the bottom to the top, we will zoom in on the elements that form the SEO pyramid.

Technologies & Retail

Lockdown accelerates the digital transition of local retail outlets

 Lockdown linked to the coronavirus epidemic requires local shops to review their distribution model, particularly to continue to supply the most vulnerable people. Digital technology has therefore become indispensable, even for those who were still reluctant to get started.

Mobile Application & Web Agency

Why choose a mobile agency over a freelance mobile developer ?

Before launching the development of a mobile application, many project leaders may be confronted in their search for a service provider to choose between a freelancer and a mobile agency. Except for small projects, most application projects require the intervention of a team. Here are the different reasons in favour of a development agency.

Showcase website

Why create a showcase website ?

There are many different types of websites and each meets different needs. This article will show you what a showcase website is and its benefits for your business whether you are a freelancer, startup or company.

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