Why create a showcase site

There are many different types of websites and each meets different needs. This article will show you what a showcase website is and its benefits for your business whether you are a freelancer, startup or company.

Why create a showcase site

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A showcase site, what is it?

A showcase site is a website that presents your products and services to your customers. A showcase site aims to bring an online presence to a craftsman, a startup, a company, a club and others, in order to acquire contacts, prospects and customers via the Internet. It is therefore aimed at anyone with a commercial objective.

Why create a showcase site?

Creating a showcase site for your activities allows you to find new customers. Depending on the business sector of the person or company and its objectives, it will allow you to obtain requests for quotes, information, phone calls ... And thus open one of the possible sales channels on the Internet and get new customers that the company might not have been able to reach without having a showcase site.

How much does it cost?

The price of a showcase site depends on certain characteristics:
number of pages;
features required;
additional services;
CMS used

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