Web application

We develop the latest open source technologies to deliver dynamic, all-screen and efficient applications following the advent of HTML5, CSS3 and full stack technologies.

Description of our expertise

Breedewee Web Agency provides dedicated support solutions for companies that choose web applications for their tools or services. Our mission is to embed complex business logic within the browser thanks to innovative technologies.

Nowadays, web applications have different forms: websites, transactional platforms, mobile applications... 

The common point is to rely on so-called "web" technologies running on a server, and whose response is displayed on a screen. We develop business web applications by applying to their creation the same focus that motivates our agency: performance and results.

Would you like to save time in the processing of a task? Eliminate paper? Pilot or control a task remotely? Web applications or Software as a Service are a solution. We accompany you in the development of a clear and efficient service to realize your web application.

The different types of applications




Social networks



Key success factors


A production-oriented approach


A performance-oriented approach


A result-oriented approach

The all-in solution for your mobile application

Web applications and progressive web apps

Technical support for startups

Angular Frontend

Scalable deployment of backend applications

Securing access, data and transactions


01 Making contact
02 Feasibility study / specifications
03 Proposal of a quotation
04 Validation of the quotation
05 Creation Wireframes & Mockup Design
06 Development
07 Test and Store(s) publication
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