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You wish to be accompanied on a marketing, communication, branding, webdesign, SEO, website.


Breedewee Web Agency provides support solutions dedicated to the various challenges of web acquisition: natural referencing, Google Ads campaign management, social media animation, ... Our experts are aware of the cross-channel levers and synergies.

Search Engine Optimization is a constantly evolving environment, which requires a thorough knowledge of algorithms. Our expertise is based on the mastery of these challenges to offer you personalized support. Focused on data, supported by expert teams, Breedewee Web Agency brings you clear recommendations and a total control of these factors.

Search Engine Optimization Solutions


SEO Audit
SEO optimization
SEO Strategy
Support and advice


Google adwords
Bing Ads

Editorial strategy

Definition of the editorial strategy
Content creation
SEO optimization of content

Online Press Relations

Influencer relationship
Media Relations


Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
LinkedIn Ads
Snapchat Ads
Twitter Ads

Social Media Consulting

Today, social networks represent a company's first point of contact with a user and a potential customer. At first glance, you need to convince them of the relevance and quality of your content to encourage them to go further. Breedewee Web Agency creates for you a precise and adapted communication strategy on social networks.

Striking contents for an efficient communication.

Most companies and brands are content to push news on social networks hoping to attract a loyal community. We help you go one step further, creating content that follows the latest visual trends and messages that grab the attention and elicit important reactions from your audience.

Every social network has a purpose: leverage its DNA.

It's not enough to simply copy and paste a Facebook photo into Instagram to gain followers. Each platform attracts different users, both in terms of interests and demographics. We tailor publications to meet their expectations, whether it's to inform, promote or simply to take their mind off things.

Defining goals and expressing oneself to achieve them.

Successful social media communication is communication that achieves its goal. At Breedewee Web Agency we establish with you the tone of your speech to set you apart from others while defining attainable and achievable goals. We rigorously follow the key indicators of your success to continue to advise you.

Traffic Acquisition / Activation

Digital activation must allow any company to reach a new qualified audience (fans, followers, prospects, etc...) to develop and animate its community and solicit it through targeted advertising. At Breedewee Web Agency, we strive to reconcile efficiency and creativity so that you find the audience and the clientele that correspond to you.

Elaboration of strategic objectives

Definition and prioritization with the client of the main objectives to be met for a successful social media presence.

Determination of KPIS

Together we help you to define your rational and appropriate quantitative objectives in order to measure the success of your strategy.

Brand positioning

Development of a positioning that reflects your company's identity, is attractive to the targeted audience and adapted to the mechanics of social media.

Target segmentation

Our team brings its expertise to determine the profiles that will be most receptive to the strategy put in place in order to optimize your engagement or conversion rate.

Choice of media

Together, we define the relevant platforms to develop your brand image and convey engaging messages to your communities.

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